Département d'Anglais

The Department of English of the Higher Teacher Training College (ENS) came into existence in 1961 with the creation of the then University of Yaounde with the mission to train language and literature teachers of postgraduate for secondary and high schools in Cameroon. The Department also offers language proficiency courses to French-speaking students of other departments of the institution.

Students’ profile

The Department receives and trains two main types of student teachers at postgraduate level (second cycle) : those pursuing English and literary studies (known by the French acronym LMA- Letters Modern Anglais), and those pursuing French/English studies (Lettres Bilingue). Undergraduate level (first cycle) programme exists for the latter, and this only concerns student of English-speaking background, who studied French in secondary and high school. The entry academic qualification for the second cycle is a Bachelor degree, and the course lasts for 4 semesters(2years). In the first cycle, students come in with the GCE Advanced Level and the course lasts for 6 semesters (3 years).

3. Courses offered

The language component of the programmes comprises courses in several aspects of English Language and ELT (English Language Teaching) and in several branches of the discipline (e.g. Applied Linguistics), as well as courses geared towards the improvement of students’ proficiency in English such as Academic Writing and Structure of English. The literary component includes courses in English, American and Commonwealth literatures, as well as in Cameroonian literature (written and oral). Practical classroom-oriented courses involving the teaching of English as a foreign language, discourse and classroom interaction/management, textbook and course evaluation, second language acquisition, error analysis, testing and evaluation, etc. are also offered. Students of the Department of English also take courses in education, pedagogy, child psychology, ethics etc from the Department of Science of Education.

4. Administration

The department is presently headed by Professor Augustin Simo Bobda. However, since its inception, the following persons have managed the department. Mr Victor Ebai Tarkang, Dr Tenjo Okwen, Professor Peter A. Abety, Dr Babila J. Mutia

4. Administration

The department has 13 permanent teaching staff and 01 admistrative assistant. The teaching staff includes 01 full professor, 04 associate professors, 03 senior lecturers and 05 lecturers. These teachers are specialized in various aspects of English language and linguistics, literatures and English/literature teaching and testing.

Teaching staff Academic rank Major area of specialization Contacts
Augustin Simo Bobda Professor English Language & Linguistics asimobobdaATyahoo.com
Daniel A. Nkemleke Associate Professor English language & Linguistics nkemlekedanATyahoo.com
Peter A. Abety Associate Professor English/American Literature abetypaATyahoo.com
Aloysius Ngefac Associate Professor English language & Linguistics angefacATyahoo.co.uk
Justina Atemajong Njika Associate Professor Applied Linguistics & English Language justinanjikaATyahoo.com
Babila J. Mutia Senior Lecturer African Literature mutiabATyahoo.com
Charles N. Teke Associate Professor English/American Literature tekengiewihATyahoo.com
Divine C. Neba Senior Lecturer African/Comparative Literature nebankiwangATyahoo.com
Napoleon K. Epoge Senior Lecturer English language & Linguistics mcepogeATyahoo.com
Eleanor Anneh Dasi Lecturer English/American Literature Wandasi5ATyahoo.com
Yvonne I. Ngwa Lecturer English/American Literature Ngwa_yATyahoo.com
David T. Kusi Lecturer English/American Literature kusitohATgmail.com
Julius N. Kum Lecturer English Language & Linguistics mcepogeATyahoo.com

6. Departmental calendar of activities

The departmental calendar of activities is defined by the calendar of activities of the Higher Tacher Training College (Ecole Normale Supérieure), which in turn is defined by the Ministry of in charge of higher education and is applied to all state institutions of higher learning. There are two semesters per year. The first semester usually begins in October and ends in February with an end-of-course examination. The second semester begins in April and ends in June with another examination. A special examination session is organized in the month of September for students who had failed to pass the required number of courses to move to the next class, during the normal semesters’ examination.


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